Auf wiedersehen to Lufthansa's A300s

The last Lufthansa Airbus A300 flight flew earlier today, as the culmination of the airline's plans to phase out the 26-strong fleet. Lufthansa flight 3853, operated by aircraft D-AIAM, left Rome and arrived in Frankfurt shortly past 9:00am local time. The A300s have been a key part of Lufthansa's 'continental' fleet since 1987, and the airline used them extensively on inter-European routes. But the A300s got the axe as part of a cost-cutting plan that Lufthansa has implemented, which is expected to save €300 million ($420 million).
American Airlines, another big A300 operator, is also expected to retire the last of its A300s this year on August 24th. Those of you who have yet to fly on an A300 (myself included) might want to look at booking tickets before it's too late...

photo by eigjb on Flickr