Ryanair considers "fat tax"

photo by wicho
European budget airline Ryanair has apparently been mulling over the possibility of a "fat tax" following the results of an online poll in which the airline asked passengers to come up with a winning "cost reduction" idea. Ryanair has been known in the past to use things like this as free publicity. For those who are interested, the results are as follows:
  1. 29% - Excess fees for very overweight passengers
  2. 25% - €1 for toilet paper – with O’Leary’s face on it
  3. 24% - €3 to smoke in a converted toilet cubicle
  4. 14% - Annual subscription to access Ryanair.com
  5. 8% - €2 “corkage” fee for passengers who bring their own food onboard


Anonymous said...

Just don't fly Ryanair unless it is a last resort. They are dishonest and have every device they can think of to extract more money from you - even run their own lotto sales on board. They don't advertise excess baggage rates and a simple thing like a can of drink was so small that it would not quench a Leprechauns thirst - that it was tiny was not in menu.

Unhappy staff - got one hostess who smiled. The rest gave the appearance total disatisfaction with their lot in life - felt like we were cattle being herded.

Very unhappy customers who received the computer response - 'please seek assistance'..... there was none and the clock was ticking down for the flight departure. The solution was to pay a lot of money

The excess baggage is a form of extortion. It cost about 1 UK pound per kilo for the ticket - but excess baggage is 15 UK pounds per kilo.

Not in their interests to have e-tickets as they charge 20 UK Pounds to print a boarding pass. Travellers often carry laptops - but seldom printers.

They got one flight out of us - but not in contention for the other 5 flights we will do while in the UK and Europe.

We see the smiling face of the CEO - pity his staff can't feel as buoyant and foster better customer relations.

There are better cheap airlines about.

Down Under - but no one like to feel ripped off.

Vacation blogger said...

I would expect a whole industry to pop up around RyanAir -

Over the counter meds to supress need to use the bathroom

Drinks sold in carry on friendly sizes

Luggage lightening services (unclear how)

In any case, do not pack guidebooks - us an Online Travel Guide