Air France and Delta might become closer

photo courtesy of caribb

The AFP and the French newspaper Les Echos are reporting that Air France is in joint-venture talks with Delta Air Lines, which is a fellow SkyTeam partner. A spokeswoman for Air France said that it "is still in negotiations with Delta, but nothing has been finalized". She also said that "the agreement being negotiated should be signed in the autumn."

The joint venture would happen in two stages - the first would start in April 2008 and include New York - Paris flights, as well as flights from Heathrow airport in London to cities in the US. In 2010, the second stage would cover the rest of Air France and Delta's trans-Atlantic flights. Les Echos reports that both airlines would split their profits from their main trans-Atlantic routes 50-50.

Air France-KLM, Northwest, and Delta have also applied for a joint venture agreement. Northwest and KLM have been close partners for more than 15 years, and this venture, if successful, will bring the four much closer together than they already are (all are SkyTeam members).


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