BA loses $2.3 million a day as OpenSkies cuts back

Dow Jones is reporting that British Airways is burning through £1.4 million, or $2.3 million, a day, according to the airline's CFO, Keith Williams. Williams said in February that the airline was losing £2.7 million of cash a day, which is almost $4.5 million, so I guess that's an improvement. But William is also warning that the "cash burn isn't sustainable," and that rate is likely to increase during the winter. So BA is by no means out of the woods yet.

And in related news, BA subsidiary OpenSkies has announced that it will drop its New York - Amsterdam route next month, leaving the premium BA offshoot flying just one route (New York - Paris). OpenSkies CEO Dale Moss has said that "while OpenSkies developed more than 16% market share during only nine months, it was not enough to sustain a profitable service at this time." "We tried very hard to make it, but the current market forces were just a bit too difficult," he said on the company's blog. "My most sincere wish is that someday OpenSkies will return to Amsterdam and make it another signature route." But despite Moss' optimistic outlook, parent British Airways has hired an investment bank to find a buyer for the airline.

photo by bribriTO from Flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons