AirTran's 'Internetiquette' for in-flight wifi

AirTran recently became the second airline to outfit its entire fleet with Wi-Fi (after Virgin America). "But with your newfound freedom to surf the internet, comes a little responsibility," says the airline in the introduction to "Internetiquette," a brochure that will be found in every AirTran seatback pocket. The 'manual' says that it will "[allow] you to enjoy the internet to the fullest, while at the same time, not offending the people around you."

"Internetiquette" features such helpful tips as #48 ("Flight attendants are not tech support"), tip #10 (helping you figure out which online photos are suitable for flights [SFF] or not suitable for flights [NSFF]), or #134, which advises against taking your laptop into the lavatory to take care of some business.

But perhaps even better are the series of short videos hosted by none other than "Airplane!" star Peter Graves, who speaks about some of the dos and don'ts of in-flight internet use. He even manages to throw in a few jokes from "Airplane!" every now and then in the videos, which can be seen here.


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