America's top 'greenest' airlines

"Ever since jet engines have been roaring and guzzling Jet-A, kerosene-based refined petroleum, carbon emissions have been accumulating. Jet-Age progress has a price and with some estimates showing jet aircraft accounting for 11% of greenhouse emissions, it doesn't take a John Muir to discern that flying the friendly skies exacts a price on the environment," says a press release by the online 'guide to green living,' Greenopia, which has released a list of the top ten 'greenest' airlines in the US. Virgin America, thanks to its young fleet and other environmental efforts, came in first place. The airlines were scored in seven categories:
  • Fuel conservation (do airlines have electric-powered ground vehicles? do they frequently wash their engines, which improve their efficiency? do they have winglets on their fleet?)
  • Alternative fuel types (such as biofuels)
  • In-flight recycling (after all, all of those cans have to go somewhere)
  • 'Green' food options in flight (listed by Greentopia as 'organic, local, natural, or fair trade')
  • 'Green' buildings and terminals
  • Carbon offsets available for purchase
  • Fleet age (not necessarily a perfect indicator of how 'green' an airline is, but generally speaking, the younger the airplane, the more fuel-efficient it is)
And the results:
  1. Virgin America
  2. Continental
  3. Horizon
  4. jetBlue
  5. Southwest
  6. Northwest
  7. Delta
  8. American
  9. United
  10. US Airways
For the full analysis of why each airline ranked where it did, head over to Greenopia's website.


Anonymous said...

What an absolute farce that Virgin America is on the list, but two MAJOR operators, Alaska Airlines and AirTran Airways, were left off the list.

Martin Lemay said...

Clearly NW is a Green airline. The Diesels are the cleanest planes in the sky.