Virgin America's top 10 requested cities

photo by Johnny Vulkan

Virgin America recently released a list of the ten cities that are most requested for new VA service. The survey is still up, so if you don't see your preferred route listed below, you can still vote.
  1. SFO- Chicago
  2. SFO- Honolulu
  3. SFO- Miami
  4. LAX- Miami
  5. SFO- Portland
  6. LAX- Chicago
  7. SFO- Phoenix
  8. JFK- Miami
  9. SFO- Denver
  10. LAX- Portland
Many of these routes are currently flown only by a few legacy carriers. The San Francisco - Chicago and Los Angeles - Chicago routes, for example, are currently flown only by United and American. JFK - Miami is flown only by American and Delta, and American has a monopoly on the San Francisco - Miami and Los Angeles - Miami routes. Even though Virgin America would certainly be taking a risk by flying into the fortress hubs of legacy carriers (United in Chicago, American in Miami, etc.), their relatively premium product would probably attract quite a few unsatisfied AA and UA customers. Those are the routes (LAX-MIA, SFO-ORD) that would be best for Virgin America to fly, especially as they would avoid head-to-head competition with other low cost carriers (i.e. Frontier on SFO-DEN).


Wendal said...

I'd definitely vote LAX-Miami. I was recently looking up flights on that route and realized AA was the only option I would have for a direct flight there.

Although I am yet to fly Virgin America, I have flown VS several times between LAX and LHR. Granted, they are not the same airline, but their services I am told are comparable.

So my vote goes to LAX-MIA

Anonymous said...

Sea-Phx anyone? Busy in the winter to get out of the cold and rain and busy going from Phx-Sea in the summer to escape the heat!

get goopy said...

I vote every where!!!! I am terrified to fly and only want virgin. Especially to Miami this December. Ugh... Don't want a Caribbean cruise now...

get goopy said...

Where's my comment... Not doing again.