Air New Zealand staff bare all for TV ad

A recent Air New Zealand advertisement has ANZ employees - including CEO Rob Fyfe - wearing body painted uniforms. It's part of the airline's campaign to differentiate itself against 'budget' airlines with 'miscellaneous' fees (i.e. drinks and checked bags) - ANZ claims that when it comes to fees, it has "nothing to hide."

Edit: Sorry for the oversized video screen - I can't seem to figure out how to make it regular size. To view it without the text in front, just click on the "full screen" icon.


Nektarii said...

funny commercial:-)

I heard that the airline SWISS, also has a new commercial. The Director of the commercial is Marc Forster(Ex Bond Director). On is a trailer from the spot. It looks very special. On june 3rd is the release from the spot.

greetz from Germany