United pilots: remove CEO

The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) and the United Airlines MEC (Master Executive Council) have created a website, GlennTilton.com, which calls for the removal of Glenn Tilton as United's CEO. The website said, "As professional pilots, we believe in accountability. Glenn Tilton, Chairman, CEO, and President of United Airlines, has failed all of us… costing shareholders, employees, and the travelling public billions of dollars."

Is Glenn Tilton to blame for United's troubles? The website says he is. "To Glenn and his staff, responsibility for United’s predicament belongs to everyone and everything other than themselves... Their excuses include high fuel prices, increasing costs of security, more competition, and stronger regulation, and they see themselves as victims of these uncontrollable factors. It just isn’t right, and it just isn’t true. These same factors influence every airline, and all the others are handling challenging conditions much better than United."

Or are the pilots just upset with management? Leave your opinion; please comment!


Marco Breaker said...

The way I see is that an airline has to stay competitive and has to strengthen their market position on their service offering, rather on the price.

In fact, it is not always the price that matters and a slightly increase of the airfares would be strongly recommended in order to keep the airline alife.

Why do some airlines pamper passengers with glasses of champagne and meals from Michelin starred chefs whilst others crack down on checked baggage charges and scrap in-flight movies? Why is flying on some airlines no longer a pleasurable experience?

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James White said...

This is a unique kind of news that pilots demand to remove their CEO. I think their might be some problem amongst them, so pilots are demanding to remove their CEO. I also visited the mentioned website. Yes the pilots are on right, their CEO is not eligible for his job.

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James White

Anonymous said...

boot that asshole

Guy Kashtan said...

I support Marco's claim.

If the airline wont stay competitive and strengthen its' market position they'll loose everything.

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Anonymous said...

United needs to board up there windows. I have never seen such un-American service in my life. Fire the top execs. Fee's coming out of the ying yang are unacceptable. This Airline nickle and dimes it's customers to death. Why in this age of Americans out of work do we have to be transferred to INDIA to talk to someone in Customer (dis)service who has no idea what side their bread is buttered on.

Anonymous said...