Vladivostok Avia starts US service

For those of you in the US who have been wanting to fly on a Russian-built aircraft, here's a new opportunity: Vladivostok Avia has started seasonal twice-weekly service from Anchorage to Vladivostok, via Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky. The first flight, which arrived in Anchorage on Monday morning, was flown by a Tupolev TU-154, although the airline has said that the route will be flown with newer Tupolev TU-204 airplanes. The flights will be carried out until September 15, and if this summer's flights are a success, the airline might continue them next summer.


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Unfortunately, according to this blog (http://airlineroute.blogspot.com/2009/03/vladivostok-air-2009-summer-timetable.html ) the Anchorage - Vladivostok flight will NOT operate in 2009.

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