Continental to join Star, link with United

photo by sea turtle
Even after merger talks between United and Continental fell through a few months ago, the two airlines are still interested in cooperating - yesterday, they announced plans to start codesharing and for Continental to join Star Alliance, of which United is a member. According to an email sent out to Mileage Plus members, United expects the deal to start sometime in 2009.

It remains to be seen what this means for US Airways, which has been a Star member for a few years now. It's possible that it could remain in Star, but having three US airlines in the same alliance could lead to some overlap.


Anonymous said...

What a shame ,what ALL airlines are doing . How is the average person going to be able to travel if the airlines keep raising there prices ???

I want to travel next year June 09
but I keep hearing the airlines are going to raise or take something away .

Soon there will be no customers.

Customer can't fly or drive , on vacation .

Blame this on President Bush , all polictians , Oil Companies , spectators , OPEC , etc
There's enough blame to go around .

davidsitse said...

beautiful picture airplane