American cancels more flights

photo by caribb
Only a few weeks after canceling hundreds of flights, American Airlines today canceled over 900 flights, affecting an estimated 100,000 travelers. The airline also canceled 460 flights on Tuesday and nearly 1,100 yesterday. The cancellations, which affected American's 300 MD-80s, are in response to an FAA directive involving the covers of wire bundles for the MD-80's fuel pump.

The problem was first identified back in 2006, and if American had taken steps to solve the problem immediately, the current problem would have been averted. But instead, the airline is being hit with this crisis at a time when fuel prices and a weak economy are affecting airlines in general. Because the cancellations are their fault, American is responsible for handing out $500 travel vouchers and hotel rooms for travelers - not to mention paying overtime for mechanics. And, perhaps even more significant, is future business that will be lost.

CEO Gerard Arpey apologized: "We have obviously failed to complete the airworthiness directive to the precise standards that the FAA requires, and I take full responsibility for that," he said. But it's little consolation to the travelers affected.


Anonymous said...

Mental note: Don't use American Airlines. I had these same problems 20 years ago with Eastern who is now out of business. Frequent those airlines that treat you well & boycott the others. They will get the message.... eventually.

Anonymous said...

I am probably an idiot for even pondering it, but, why is that when an airline is forced to cancel dozens or hundreds of flights in a row, that all their fellow airlines can't donate at least one or two planes each day to help out? It ALMOST seems crazy that they don't.

Anonymous said...

iam ashame with delta employees, some of them are thiefts. my digital camera desapeard from my purse at the chek point.

Anonymous said...

delta employees and american air lines too because there are a fuse company,, please investigate your employees,my camaera was in my purse and i don realice thats was not in my purse since i got to p.r
i like to tell managers to invest your employees

Anju said...

It was unfortunate that I and my husband where in america when these flights were cancelled. I was to return Surat India. Somehow I managed to reach Surat Airport. That time Surat Airport as newly built. Though this airport is going to be an international airport.
You can never rely on delta airlines.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should pay American's $15 bag fee with pennies.