Presidential candidates and their airplanes

photo by Drewski2112

With all the recent news about Super Tuesday in the US, I thought it would be interesting to see what airplanes the candidates are using. Apparently, Democratic front-runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both chartering Boeing 737-800s from ATA (Clinton has already dubbed hers "Hill Force One"). On the Republican side, now-former candidate Mitt Romney used a chartered Xtra Airways Boeing 737-400 (and even though he also chartered an Embraer regional jet from ExpressJet for press use, the press was billed for it); John McCain uses a jetBlue Embraer 190 (with DirecTV in every seat, of course). And the lucky one of these candidates will be able to use Air Force One next year...

If you've got any updates/changes to this partial list, please feel free to leave a comment on this post!


Anonymous said...

yahh yahh trick

Anonymous said...

All of the campaign rhetoric from the Democratic candidates might stop immediately if ATA (in bankruptcy) pulled those two airplanes, and the two distinguished senators where compelled to fly commercially with the rest of us.
Jimmy Carter in his infinite wisdom brought de-regulation to the airline industry.
What a stupid, dumb move.
It would be fitting if the two candidates finally realized what damage Carter caused.

Anonymous said...

Well,Carter also told us in the 70's to think about alternative fuel, not such a dumb move.

Anonymous said...