Delta's New Look

Some of you are probably familiar with Delta's 'new look' and paint scheme. The reactions to it have been decidedly mixed, with the majority (at least on the online community) against it. I've heard people call Delta the Official Airline of Hugo Chavez due to the logo's resemblance to that of Citgo, the Venezuelan state-run oil company. There have been calls for the airline to switch back to the old 'widget' livery as well.

The new livery, officially launched on May 1, was part of Delta's new rebranding effort and 'Change' campaign. The airline has even launched a website focusing on its efforts to change, and aired the following TV ad:

So what are your opinions on Delta's new rebranding campaign? Do you like the 'new widget' or do you prefer the old one? Personally, I like the old, but I must admit that the new one is growing on me.