Aloha Airlines Goes Retro

Like many other airlines, Aloha Airlines has decided to paint one of its planes (a Boeing 737) in a livery from the past. Aloha used the 'Funbird' scheme starting in 1969 and throughout the 1970s. The paint job was shown off for the first time yesterday at Honolulu International Airport, complete with a party featuring 70s cars and music.

"It's a feel good time. We've gone through a lot the last year and a half," Aloha Airlines President and Chief Executive Officer David Banmiller said. "It's a tough industry and sometimes we lost the fun part of life and we're trying to bring that back and invigorate our customers and our employees,"

Perhaps the airline hopes that the new paintjob will act as a marketing gimmick to give the airline a boost in the fiercely competitive inter-Hawaii market.


J. Devlin said...

Aloha air just leased 2 ex-hooters planes for a 2 month stint. Its pretty interesting paint scheme, hooters colors being blue and orange. Here is a link to the pic,