Hello! from MD-11

Hi, I am MD-11 and I will be posting my opinions on current events in the aviation world! Today I am going to start off with the newly announced Boeing 747-8, so here it goes:

Today, Boeing FINALLY announced their plan to release a new 747!

But, they had to screw it up, by calling it the 747-8 Intercontinental, what's up with that? Why the heck don't they just call it the 747-800, or, even better, the 747-5, or, my personal favorite, the 747-500!

How long did it take for Boeing to finally realize that they might actually be able to undercut Airbus on this one, for once! I mean, they already had the main design from 40 years ago, all that they had to do was to strengthen the fuselage and extend the freaking upper deck, how hard would that be to do!

At least, Boeing says that it will have less wake vortex than the WhaleJet, one good thing!

An unfortunate thing that has come up with the 747-8 is that there are no orders for the passenger version, but these orders will hopefully come, especially with JAL's recent announcement to retire its 747-200's and its 747-300's.